Capital AudioFest 2019

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Grover Neville  |  Nov 20, 2019
Capital AudioFest this year, as I’ve mentioned, was a show that was heavily skewed towards vinyl, but I think in a certain sense this emphasized the role digital plays in the life of many modern audiophiles.
Grover Neville  |  Nov 19, 2019
Of the digital companies at CAF who had a presence that expanded beyond mere single rooms, Aurender and Mytek were among the leading brands.
Grover Neville  |  Nov 15, 2019
David Solomon of Qobuz North America has become a familiar face at domestic audio shows the past few years, and for good reason, he’s one of the friendliest, most enthusiastic and all around fun guys in the industry – even amongst the young-at-heart crowd.
Grover Neville  |  Nov 06, 2019
Although proudly analog systems were plentiful at CAF, some of the absolute best sound at the show was produced in digital rooms.
Grover Neville  |  Nov 03, 2019
Capital Audio Fest this year is heavily skewed towards vinyl listening, That said, there were also a number of impressive digital systems, with Qobuz and streaming setups accompanying turntables in nearly every room.