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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 09, 2016 22 comments
Peter Halley Rob and Jack (1990)

Why not give you the big picture, I thought. Why not, indeed.

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 08, 2016 2 comments
The following is a list of 15 recordings that I enjoy. They are listed in no particular order, and they are simply the first recordings that came to mind. I expect that I will kick myself shortly after sending in this list for leaving out hundreds of other great recordings that I hold in high regard. I hope that these recordings provide you with as much listening pleasure as they provide me.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 05, 2016 4 comments
Swinging from sweet to sour makes everything more tasty: Ella & Louis "Isn't It A Lovely Day" to Elza Soares "Pra Fuder" on her latest A Mulher do Fim do Mundo (The Woman at the End of the World) (Mais Um Discos, June 2016) go beyond both ends of the spectrum, the latter reaching into animal-like rawness. If you enjoy digging down into humanities depths, perhaps in search of salvation, look and listen no further than A Mulher do Fim do Mundo.
Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 04, 2016 5 comments
totaldac + Roon
If you've read my reviews of the totaldac d1-tube-mk2 DAC or the d1-dual DAC, you'll know they are among my Favorites. When I received an email from totaldac's Vincent Brient asking if I'd be interested in reviewing his new Roon Ready d1-integral-headphone music server/DAC, I responded, "Yes".
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 03, 2016 12 comments
It was a dark and stormy night. OK, it wasn't dark but it was stormy when I drove to Verona, NJ to visit John Rutan's Audio Connection where Alex Brinkman of Ayre Acoustics was delivering, stork-like, the new Ayre QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Aug 01, 2016 10 comments
Okay, I get that this list is possibly stretching the limits of what constitutes 'exceptional' from both a musical and sonic point-of-view, but taste being what it is, this is more-or-less representative of a small corner of mine.
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Jana Dagdagan Posted: Jul 29, 2016 2 comments
[Editor's Note: Join me in welcoming Jana Dagdagan, Stereophile's Editorial Assistant, to our Download of the Week column. Her contribution is most welcome and I hope this can become a regular occurrence.]
Being an avid Aphex Twin fan, I had to pre-order Cheetah as soon as I heard about it. The EP was released by Warp officially on July 8 with only a month of notice beforehand. Regardless, it’s safe to say that I was still sufficiently hyped.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 29, 2016 2 comments
"Listen to this yet?" my good friend Stephen Mejias asked via text message. "It's next in line" was my response. What I meant by that was, no, I have not listened to BadBadNotGood's IV yet but I just added it to my queue on Tidal/Roon.
Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 28, 2016 11 comments
Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone
Simaudio makes fine-sounding, well-made, and (very) reasonably-priced gear. I'm afraid if this word gets out, they'll wise up and at least quintuple their prices, making them more appealing, ya, to a certain sect of audiophiles.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Jul 26, 2016 2 comments
This is not a review. Consider it more of an appreciation.