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Go to Tidal now! to watch their live broadcast on the future of TIDAL.
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Jon Iverson Posted: Mar 30, 2015 77 comments
Register to win an Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker (MSRP $299) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"The audio quality of most Bluetooth products isn't usually very inspiring and their limited range can be frustrating. The B2 solves these problems by implementing the aptX codec, which is a high-quality audio converter designed specifically for audio. The B2 also has special circuitry and a precision-tuned antenna to extend the wireless range, providing much more versatility than other Bluetooth speakers."

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: Mar 30, 2015 3 comments
Alan Lomax (right) with musician Wade Ward during the Southern Journey recordings, 1959-1960. photo credit: Shirley Collins/Alan Lomax Archive

Folklorist Alan Lomax spent about 60 years, beginning in the 1930s, traveling around this country and the world recording our musical heritage. From a 1991 interview with Lomax on CBS:

"The modern computer with all its various gadgets and wonderful electronic facilities now makes it possible to preserve and reinvigorate all the cultural richness of mankind."
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Tyll Hertsens has done an outstanding job in his review of the PonoPlayer. Anyone interested in learning more about how Pono measures up for use with various headphones, how it fared in Tyll's blind tests, and Tyll's answer to the question does Pono live up to the hype, I encourage you to read his review. Also, make sure to read Charles Hansen of Ayre's response where he goes into some detail about how the PonoPlayer's design makes it sound so good.
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The Chopin Project is a re-interpretation of Frédéric Chopin’s music by Ólafur Arnalds and pianist Alice Sara Ott. The recording, produced by Arnalds, employs vintage microphones, analog recording equipment, non-traditional microphone techniques, and subtly prepared piano. In part, Arnalds and Ott wanted to bring "humanity" back into their recording. I think they've accomplished their goal.
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Steven Plaskin Posted: Mar 26, 2015 11 comments
The Wavelength Audio Quotient DAC Module is a new upgrade for the Crimson High Speed USB DAC that has added DSD 64 / DSD 128 as well as support for PCM files up to 32/384 kHz. But the Quotient Q1 adds far more to the Crimson than just DSD and increased PCM sampling rate support. Gordon Rankin has gone back to the drawing board for this new DAC module resulting in a number of improvements for his flagship DAC.
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Photo credit: Taylor Swift

As reported by Digital Trends, Taylor Swift, who in a highly publicized move pulled her music from Spotfiy, has made most of her catalog (not 1989) available to Tidal's lossless streaming service. This news comes on the heels of Jay Z's successful purchase of Tidal's parent company.

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The sound was eerily present, although bass response was a bit diffuse, and the upper registers a bit bright. Tone colors were portrayed in a natural manner and overall there was nice sense of dynamic swing. My biggest complaint was a complete lack of imaging.
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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau

Noise. It's everywhere. When we're talking about hi-fi, noise can present a particularly thorny problem ranging from stuff we can readily hear apart from the music, to noise that is more insidious sneaking into our playback chain and infesting our precious analog signals and our music along with it. Some people like to think that noise is a non-issue, especially when it comes to digital (after all bits are bits), but that's simply not the case since we're talking, ultimately, about the analog world. First a real-world story where we measure the effects of cable related noise.

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First off let me say I very much enjoy and appreciate the majority of comments here on AudioStream. People sharing their knowledge and passion for this wonderful hobby is very much appreciated. That being said, I'm thinking of strictly enforcing civil and respectful behavior in the comments here on AudioStream. While I realize this is going against the current grain, I am more than tired of dealing with comments that are abusive, disrespectful, slanderous, and completely lacking in any relevance to the post at hand.