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Ho ho ho! What better way to celebrate the season than with a real chestnut. Ellington's Indigos is their "dance" album, according to the original liner notes by Irving Townsend (taken from the LP), and boy does it swing. The cherry on top of this particular release from High Definition Tape Transfers is it's available in DSD128, transferred from a 15ips 2-track tape, which marries superb sound with superb music.
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Tis the season and what more of an unlikely pairing than Patti Smith and the Vatican? For those who do, and even for those who don't, enjoy and happy holidays!

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From The's Give Fans the Credit:
Ever listen to music on your player and wonder who wrote, produced and played on the tracks? Well we have! We love our digital players and online music services, but we want to know more than just the song title and artist name. With CDs, we had liner notes and we could discover more about who created the music we enjoy. The digital world should give us more, not less, information.

True music fans want to be able to access all of the information about our favorite music online, and we believe digital music services should include credits for the songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers on the screen, just as they do for the artist and song. Let's give both music fans and creators the credit they deserve.

Here, here!
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Whoa. Lean in around 2:17 of "Boa" below and hear some of the heaviest heaviness you're bound to hear this year. Originally planned as part of The Bug's recent full length Angels & Devils (see review), this two-track EP came about because this particular pairing needed more time and space to flesh things out. I'm a fan of Earth's doom and drone and obviously The Bug's way with bass, beats, and clatter and the combination is a super-powered tasty sonic treat.
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AudioStream's Annual Bits 2014 represents every bit, bob, and bobble reviewed this year that has received our Greatest Bits award. I hope you enjoy this year's picks.
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What do we want from a network player? The ability to easily stream music from our network attached storage, from a USB drive, perhaps stream from Internet Radio and streaming services, a nice interface via an easy to use app, and of course good sound. Good looks don't hurt either and just add to the ownership experience. The Primare NP30 checks off these boxes and it even adds Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming from your or your friends and family's smart phones.
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In an interview with Billboard, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek talks about the possibility of adding a higher tiered lossless service to Spotify:
Just like we’ve had deluxe edition of albums, everyone is thinking about how does that look like in a future world? Lossless music -- is that a higher priced tier? Is that something that comes with deluxe editions? How should we package subscriptions to consumers? That’s a very big topic right now on the label side. The kind of debates that I’ve wanted to have for many, many years with the music industry, we’re finally seeing it happening. The industry is realizing, “Hey, we need to embrace streaming, and we need to do it fast.”
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I reviewed the Devialet 120 (see review) and was very impressed by, well, everything. The design, the sound, the functionality, all added up to an engrossing musical experience. Devialet has just introduced two new products, the Phantom and the Silver Phantom, which essentially package most of the technology from the 120—amps, streamer, Ethernet, WiFi, DSP, and DAC—and add speakers for a Devialet all-in-one system. You can use a single Phantom, a pair for stereo, or more for multi-channel or multi-room sound. And what a package it is!
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As reported by re/code, during the company’s earnings call last week, Warner's CEO Stephen Cooper said:
As we have said before, streaming – and particularly the subscription model – more fully captures the true demand for music. In the streaming universe, consumption drives the economics — so the more that people listen to music, the better it is for our artists and our business.
Cooper continued with a nod to Taylor Swift:
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from The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover

Let's start with a similar question—How important is the taste of the food you eat or the wine you drink? Do you find you enjoy a meal more when you enjoy its taste? Do you linger over your bites longer, perhaps eat a little more than you would have if you liked it less? Or is food merely sustenance and wine a means to an end regardless of taste?