Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 29, 2015 2 comments
Sometimes I like to kick back. Take it easy, musically. Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles debut release Oh Man, Cover the Ground on Suicide Squeeze Records sounds like Takoma-infused Cat Power. Only hippie-er. "12 songs about dark rooms, water, wind, stoned afternoons, sun in your eyes, sex, hair, snacks, death, & the beach."
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 28, 2015 3 comments
"Which types of subscription services does your household currently use?" [all images: Blackhawk Engagement Solutions]

Blackhawk Engagement Solutions recently published their study "Super Subscribers: Disrupting the Subscription Services Model". The report, which is based on 1,757 respondents across the USA, shows that most people pay for Internet, Cell Phones, and Cable TV with over 50% also paying for streaming TV and/or movies. Where does that leave music?

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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 27, 2015 39 comments
I've put this off for long enough. Here's the barn, as it stands, today. There's work to be done but things are sounding good. Really good. Come on in!
Steven Plaskin Posted: May 26, 2015 59 comments
The Synergistic Research Grounding Block is a new accessory from Synergistic Research that allows one to make multiple ground connections to various products. More importantly, it applies Synergistic Research’s UEF (Uniform Energy Field) Technology to a grounding block for sonic enhancement. I decided to write a review on this product since it can be used with a number of Synergistic Research products I have previously reviewed that utilize ground plane connections. These include the Tranquility Base, FEQ (Frequency Equalizer), and the Atmosphere - Acoustic Wave Generator. What I found most exciting about these new products is that they can be successfully applied to most any component.
Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 22, 2015 1 comments
When I want to unwind, or even wind-up, one go-to is guitarist Loren Connors. Connors captures innumerable things with just six strings—ghosts, lost lovers, loss, beauty, and more. Throw in a little Mark Rothko as inspiration and you've got yourself some beautiful shimmering mysterious de-light.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 21, 2015 4 comments
"It's cultural." That's my pat answer to the question—why is the Munich show different?
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 21, 2015 0 comments
Burmester, Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 21, 2015 2 comments
I saved the Silbatone room for last even though I knew they'd be playing records because I wanted to end the Munich High End Show on a high note with a skip in my step after four very long and admittedly wonderful days of hi-fi'ing.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 21, 2015 4 comments
"Do you have a favorite room at the show so far?" asked Geoff Armstrong as I sat in his room on the last day of the show. "Yea, this one." I replied.
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Michael Lavorgna Posted: May 21, 2015 8 comments
Commenting during the Munich Show, Bob Stuart said: “We’re delighted with the continued and overwhelming interest in MQA throughout the industry and the reactions at Munich HIGH END have been extremely positive and highly encouraging.” Bob Stuart also observed “MQA is a philosophy and establishing MQA Ltd. as a separate ongoing business allows us to advance and progress all the activities involved in setting up this exciting new approach. Major announcements are planned in the build up to IFA in September at what will be a very significant event for MQA.”
I attended the MQA presentation and also had an opportunity to speak to Bob Stuart afterwards and I still don't believe I have a firm grasp on the full MQA picture. Yes, I can be rather dense.


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