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Oh baby! I do love finding deliciously rare and delightful finds. Fille Qui Mousse (girl foam?) "was a leftist political collective led by journalist/musician Henri-Jean Enu in the very early '70s in Paris." according to AllMusic. In In 1971 the collective went into Futura Records studio and put down their one and only record in one day. Futura was having financial difficulties, some things never change, so the album originally titled Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle sat on the shelves until 1973 when a few, five according to Futura, test pressings were made.
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Let's Talk Melco
Did you know that Buffalo Inc., makers of Wireless routers, Ethernet Data Switches and storage devices including NAS drives (and much more) began as a hi-fi company called Melco (Maki Engineering Laboratory COmpany)? Makoto Maki started up his company in Japan in 1975 "to design and manufacture the finest audio components of the time". Today Melco Holdings Inc., the parent company of Buffalo Inc. and 13 others including Melco, is the largest computer peripherals manufacturer in Japan.
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Pitchfork's Joel Oliphint offers up a nice, if a bit too tidy, picture of music formats in 2015 and what they mean about, you. I enjoyed his piece and think you may too, which is not to say I agree with everything he wrote. It's healthy to be able to enjoy reading things we don't necessarily agree with (even this). Don't you think?
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Talk about your good news, bad news kinda day: Thanks to reader Chris L. for pointing me to this story on the French tech site igeneration. The company was put in "redressement judiciaire" yesterday, basically receivership, and must find an investor by November 16, yea just days away, or they'll be forced to close down operations. Seeing as Qobuz has been on the hunt for investor funds for over a year with no success, their future is not looking very bright. Sigh.
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International Business Times reports Tidal HiFi, the company's CD-quality streaming service, is a hit. Nearly half of Tidal's new subscribers since their much maligned press event in March have opted for Tidal HiFi instead of the lower quality Premium 320kbps service. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!!
“It seems like sound is back on the map,” said Pål Bråtelund, a strategic partnerships manager at Tidal. “It doesn't make sense to live forever with sound quality that was created for a dial-up modem.”
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the Pear Audio Blue turntable from the Wes Bender Studio NYC room

This year's New York Audio Show, held at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook NY, was by most measures a small show. Twenty six rooms, reportedly (I didn't count), on two floors made for a fun, relaxing Friday. While I found the architecture and interior design off-putting, kinda like state sanatorium meets modernist lodge with a hint of old time NY, the rooms were nice-sounding with most offering a lovely view of the falling foliage.

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When I saw that AudioStream had introduced a new feature named Lovely Recordings, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce some great sounding jazz to folks who may not be big jazz fans but who may enjoy rather mainstream jazz that is both beautifully played and sounds lovely. Some of these artists are well known in jazz in the US, others are not but should be. I have also been fortunate enough to see many of these artists live, which no matter how great the recordings are, live is the best way to experience them. There's nothing like Live!
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I cleaned out a long neglected drawer. I don't know why I kept just these, but they all contain lovely memories.
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photo credit: Ken Micallef

Here's a candid photo from yesterday's panel discussion from the New York Audio Show titled, "Zen and the art of audio reviewing", moderated by Art Dudley of Stereophile. That's C|NET's Steve Gutteberg, The Audiophiliac, sitting to Art's left. I hope the audience enjoyed the discussion as much as I did. Art and Steve have been in this business for many decades and they very generously shared stories and experiences in response to some very thoughtful questions from the audience. I played along too.

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Hermits On Holiday (Heavenly Records, 2015) is the first album from Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (aka White Fence), together known as Drinks. Sometimes I like my music all jangly, loose, and raw with a bit of a wink. Sid Barret's Barrett being a particular favorite on that list and Hermits On Holiday joins it in sound and pleasure.


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