Van den Hul USB Ultimate Sweepstakes

Register to win a Van den Hul USB Ultimate Sweepstakes (MSRP $599.00) we are giving away.

According to Van den Hul:

VDH has looked into how these signals can be influenced and how the construction of a cable could be optimized to get the best result possible. The outcome is the new USB Ultimate cable. The USB Ultimate features some unique ideas resulting in superior performance and value. First, the signal wires are extremely heavy plated silver over OFC. As digital signals tend to go to the outside of the cable (the so called skin-effect) the dense very pure silver plating is in effect carrying the signal from source to receiver. Next, the signal conducting wires are kept as far away from the power lines as possible. The flat construction of the cable delivers the best possible performance over the maximum distance. Finally, Van den Hul's patented Hulliflex jacket provides a long lasting protective environment virtually eliminating oxidation which harms the sonic performance of wire. This means, when protected by Hulliflex, the sound of your cables will not deteriorate over time. This, and a few other trade secrets, makes the VDH USB ULTIMATE one of the very best USB audio cables available today. Retail $599.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

eyedoc's picture

Wow, I seem to be the first post.  Does that mean I win???

Drtrey's picture

I wonder how expensive cables sound? Maybe I will win and see!!!


ddgi's picture

I'm in.

bwr's picture


raylw2's picture

My dream cable, please make me win!

matthra10's picture

Connecting with music ...

Malcolm02's picture


gmf001's picture

And I thought bits were bits,....

gzdavidh's picture

Hopefully, it'll become mine.

attilahun's picture

This cable cost more than my dac. 

Would like to try. 

jeffstudio's picture

Yes, please !

whell's picture

Looks great!

paulg's picture

Ok I ' m in

Android514's picture

This would complement my soon-to-be-purchased Benchmark DAC2 very well...

cclay's picture

i'd love one!

GarkM's picture

Now I just need to decide which usb dac to get.  Very informative site btw.

avpassion's picture

would make a very nice Christmas present!

Audionerd's picture

Van de Hul has been a player for a while....This should be good.

valenroy's picture

Let me be in the running as well!

jrhud's picture

Who would have thunk!

rbrooks's picture

Just in time for the Holidays

DSeagle03's picture

And the winner is .....

Rob McCance's picture

To test how much better a $500 cable sounds versus my $100 cable..

Casey2007's picture

I'd like to try it! :)

hltf's picture

I now know the difference a good USB cable can make

mikerr's picture

I am in need of these cables.

They are awesome and I would love to get them.



MtnBeachBum's picture

Looks nice!

firedog55's picture

To have this, as I'll never spend that kind of money on a cable

togjones's picture

Please, Please, Please


mikepbrowning's picture

me too


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